In early 2004, Erika Dreifus launched a free monthly e-newsletter, The Practicing Writer. At the dawn of 2020, she moved the newsletter over to the Substack platform.

Each issue includes an article on the craft and/or business—the practice—of writing. Aimed toward poets, fictionists, and writers of creative nonfiction, every issue also features:

  • a highlighted online resource to assist you with your writing practice;

  • announcements for upcoming contests and similar opportunities, none of which charge entry/reading/processing fees, and all of which pay for winning work;

  • a “Submission Alerts!!!” section, where Erika keeps subscribers apprised about calls from paying literary journals/presses and nuances in editorial calendars (also limited to fee-free opportunities that pay); and

  • highlights from Erika’s blogs.

It’s never too late to sign up to receive the newsletter.

And Erika always welcomes news about successes that may result from leads that writers find here.